Range of Fuels & Lubricants Services

Emergency Oil Delivery

There are going to be times when the unexpected happens and demand outstrips supply. We offer an urgent, out of hours fuel delivery service with same day oil deliveries available, 365 days a year.

Fuel Facility Management

No matter your business or type of fuel installation, Pioneer Group Limited is a reliable fuel facility management partner that can manage your entire fuel operation.

Environmental Services

From fuel oil tests and fuel polishing to tank inspections to tank cleaning, Pioneer Group Limited Environmental can help you keep your fuel in pristine condition, to reduce costs and safeguard your operations for years to come.

Nationwide Fuel Delivery

No matter where you are in the UK, we will ensure your fuels and lubricants orders are with you within 48 hours of purchase, made possible with our strategically located oil depots. Put us to the test by placing an order today.

Priority Contracts

For those businesses who truly rely on fuel, you can’t afford to risk downtime. By signing up to our priority fuel contract service, you can be confident that in the event of an emergency, your supply of fuel is already on its way to you.

Technical Support

At Pioneer Group Limited, we’re proud to have the expertise and facilities to offer fuel and lubricant-related technical support to our customers. Our team of full-time chemists and technicians can test your supplies and offer the follow-up advice you need to make sure your fuel isn’t going to let you down.

Sustainable Fuel Solutions

Switching to a sustainable fuel not only reduces your carbon footprint, but also means you’ll be one step ahead of competitors.
Discover our sustainable fuel solutions which can be personalised to help streamline your clean energy transition.

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